Bridgecrew platform results

Investigating security violations in Bridgecrew

Providing feedback in IDEs and CI/CD pipelines provides valuable insights into the posture of your code. Bridgecrew provides a centralized view for tracking misconfigurations across your code scans and runtime environments. We’ll start with the view across code scans.

Navigate to the Projects tab in the Bridgecrew platform. Here you can see the results of your GitHub scan, as well as any other code scan that includes a repository ID and your Bridgecrew API.

Bridgecrew Projects page

This page comes packed with information and navigation tools for misconfigurations identified.

  • Use the filters on the left to narrow down violations, or the top to narrow down to previous git modifiers.
  • Search for code snippets or tags in the top.
  • See dependent resources and audit histories on the right side.

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