Using AWS Event engine

To complete this workshop, you are provided with an AWS account via the AWS Event Engine service. A 12-digit hash will be provided to you by event staff - this is your unique access code. eg:


Create AWS Account

1 . Connect to the portal by clicking the button or browsing to The following screen shows up. Enter the provided hash in the text box. The button on the bottom right corner changes to Accept Terms & Login. Click on that button to continue.

Event Engine

2 . Choose AWS Console, then Open AWS Console. This account will expire at the end of the workshop and the all the resources created will be automatically deprovisioned. You will not be able to access this account after today.

Event Engine Dashboard

3 . Use a single region for the duration of this workshop. This workshop supports the following regions:

  • us-west-2 (US West - Oregon)

Please select US West (Oregon) in the top right corner.

Event Engine Region